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General overview and information



IMPORTANT: If you are thinking of joining us in the summer of 2019 then please contact us as soon as possible as the Denmark to Iceland ferry can get fully booked by late summer / early autumn 2018.



One of the many lava fields in the central highlands




VENTURE 4x4, in its nineth year of operating in Iceland, is delighted to be able to continue to offer the amazing opportunity of a guided 14 day self-drive expeditions to the enchanted island of Iceland during the summer of 2019 and beyond.

'This 4x4 Trip was made possible by the meticulous-planning, research, knowledge and experience of our caring Tour Guides -
Dawn & Andrew...'
(testimony - read more)

You can choose from one of our two different new expedition types; the Summer Expedition which combines overland driving with sight-seeing and/or the Iceland PLUS where you will experience the wilder side of Iceland only surfacing to take on fuel and provisions. Or commission us to design a bespoke tour just for you, or your group (contact us for details).

'...well organised days, good trails and friendly people made this holiday one of the best we've had so far...' (testimony - read more)

Using your own 4x4 vehicle (our hire a Land Rover Defender / Land Cruiser from one of our Icelandic associates) you will travel within the expedition as a self sufficient unit, with your own camping equipment, cooking facilities etc, but with the backup and full support of both male and female expedition leaders; however places are limited to a maximum of 5 client vehicles per tour. All campsites have toilets and showers and some have additional cafes, cooking/dining rooms and other comfort facilities. Very occasionally there may be the need to 'remote camp'; however we do not have any planned wild camps.

'...thanks to you and Dawn for being such incredible guides and people. Not only are you very good at what you do, you are also very passionate about Iceland. We could not have been in better hands. The week we spent with you was one of the best of my life. I know that Nekkies feels the same way. ...' (testimony - read more)

There is also an option (at your own expense) on certain days during the expedition to use hotels, guesthouses, bunkhouse and/or farmhouse accommodation as an alternative to camping. This can be sorted on an ad hoc basis during the tour. If this is an option you wish to consider please contact us for assistance before booking. Further, at some campsites there is also bunkhouse accommodation (at your own expense), but again availability cannot be guaranteed until we are actually at the campsite.

We welcome clients from any nation.

Getting there: Most clients choose to drive to north Denmark and get the Smyril Line ferry to Seydisfjordur, Iceland where the tour starts; however an alternative to this would be sending your vehicle in advance from the UK to Iceland by container ship, flying to Iceland and joining the tour. In addition, we will assist you in the collection of your vehicle from the docks at Reykjavik; however if you choose to make your own way to the dock we will provide you with details of how to get there as Taxis can be very expensive. (For more information and a quote please do not hesitate to contact us).

If more convenient, there is the opportunity to fly to Iceland and hire a Land Rover Defender or similar. For more information about this option, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We can assist you in any of the options for getting your vehicle to Iceland and/or hiring and we do not take any commission whatsoever for this service.

During the expeditions you will experience not only some of the more well known sights Iceland has to offer but also experience, and drive through the dramatic Icelandic highland interior often described as one of Europe's last wildernesses. As you will see, Iceland is a land of extremes, from glaciers to ragged mountain ranges and is one of the most stunning landscapes you can explore on earth.

'...I look at the photographs now and can not honestly believe that I took those pictures in that environment. Your attention to detail and the fantastic sights you were able to take us to were just amazing, I have been back to Iceland since and sampled the bus tour to the Golden Circle highlights with some friends and what you are able to introduce people to is far, far superior...' (testimony - read more)

We have chosen to go during the summer months (July, August and early September) so that we can guarantee that Icelands' interior (often called the Highlands) will be open to the general public as according to the Icelands' Environmental and Food Agency Public Roads administration most interior roads could and often do remain closed, due to the effects of adverse weather conditions, until last few days of June and/or very early July.

Whilst all the driving in Iceland is restricted to roads, as off-roading is illegal, many of the roads follow rough tracks which cross mountain ranges, lava fields, deserts and rocks as well as numerous river crossings; all in all it is what we would consider as off-roading in the UK. Many of the rough tracks we use are designated '4x4 vehicles' only (selectable 4wd's are allowed); standard 4x4's will cope with the terrain but we recommend fitting a sump/steering guard, raised air intake and a good set of All Terrain tyres as well as a CB radio. Please contact us for further advice if necessary.

These unique driving experiences, combined with the stunning scenery will make it a trip of a life time and one not to be forgotten, it goes without saying that this promises to be a fantastic and exciting expedition which is suitable for all.

Please find below the itinerary for the Summer Expedition, not forgetting the Iceland PLUS tours for 2018, or view the latest Brochure (pdf).

A comprehensive set of photographs can be seen on our blog as well as our Flicker website. Other photographs have been uploaded to our BLOG. Also see Feedback from our expeditions and fly-drives.


Water, water and more water.

Also see our five page editorial in the December 2012 issue of Land Rover Monthly (Draft copy).

(All our tours conform to British Standard 8848 - (2009)  British Standard for overseas expeditions and fieldwork)



Central Highlands. One of over 200 river crossing we do during each summer tour.

One of many stunning waterfalls we visit
Selfoss waterfall.




Tour Prices 2019      
Two week tour prices Tour Price: Per person Deposit: Per Person (Non refundable)  
Adult (16 years old and over) 795 GBP 200 GBP  
Child (Under 16) 395 GBP 100 GBP  
Child (Under 5) Nil Nil  
Single supplement Nil    
Tour prices include:      
  • Assistance with booking: Smyril ferry, Shipping container, Accommodation, 4x4 hire etc (all commission free).
  • Meet and greet at Seydisfjordur (Airport if Containering vehicle)
  • All campsite fees during your tour in Iceland.
  • Tour leaders (male and female) on call 24hrs per day to ensure that your expeditions runs as smoothly as possible.
  • Support vehicle on call 24hrs per day. We will assist you with any problems and do our best to resolve them. If necessary we will assist you in getting to a recoverable position.
  • ...and so much more...
  • * (the above information supersedes the brochure details)
Tour prices do not include:  
  • Any accommodation other than camping (eg Hotel/Guesthouse/B&B/Bunkhouse etc...)
  • Any guesthouse/hotel accomodation on the last night prior to catching a flight.
  • Transfers to and from the airport to collect/drop-off your vehicle.
  • Hiring of any 4x4 vehicle.
  • Food / drinks.
  • Vehicle fuel.


Ferry Prices      

The example price stated below is based on 2 adults with their vehicle travelling in 2018. The prices do not include meals and drink whilst on board the Smyril Line - Norrona.

For more information on prices please visit Smyril Iceland Fares

Vehicle + Passengers Smyril Line Price (example prices for 2018) Deposit (payable at time of booking) (example prices for 2018)  
2 adults + 4x4 (<1.9m high) + 2 berth cabin 2750 GBP(return) [25%]  
Container: (vehicle only) 2300 GBP(+ marine insurance) Nil  
Booking (Smyril Line) POA [Full payment needed 8 weeks before sailing] 25% of POA  
Booking Container for vehicle



(Price: don't forget to account for air-fare)  
Tour price deposit Non refundable [after 14 day cooling off period]    
Ferry Smyril line terms and conditions    
  Smyril allow cancellations. They charge a cancellation fee dependent upon the amount of notice you give. For full details please go to the Smyril Line website or follow the Terms and Conditions link  
Container Details on application    

Smyril Line are the only ferry operators from Europe to Iceland and as such they get very busy during the summer months. Therefore it is almost essential to book as early as possible to ensure places are available. After speaking to Smyril we would recommend that reservations be made no later than the September (earlier if possible) before the year in which you wish to travel.

Vacancies may be available if booked later but the later you leave it the greater the risk of there being no vacancies. In our experience Smyril are very helpful if you have any enquiries about vacancies

Alternatively: You can send your vehicle in advance from the UK to Iceland by container ship, then flying to Iceland and join the tour.

For more information on either of the two options above, and/or to get a quote please do not hesitate to contact us.

We DO NOT take commission on ferry or container booking or assistance with accommodation reservations.



Dates & Itinerary



Via Denmark: Your holiday will begin at the Danish port of Hirtshals where we recommend you spend the first night staying at a well appointed camp site or local hotel, before embarking onto a Smyril Line ferry for the trip to Iceland. We will meet you and drop you off at the ferry terminal.

Via UK: (Container vehicle and fly): Your holiday will begin as you arrive. We will meet you and drop you off at the airport.


Expedition dates 2019 - (availability)

Expedition dates for 2020 - [coming very soon]



Tour 1C [Container] (2019)

Summer Expedition

Very limited availability Container vehicle to Iceland 02 July 2019  
  Fly to Iceland 12 July 2019  
  Return to UK 26 August 2019  
  Vehicle arrived in UK TBC  

Tour 2F [ferry] (2019)

Summer Expedition

Very limited places available Hirtshals (Denmark) 15 July 2019 (Catch ferry 16 July 2019)  
  Arrive Seydisfjordur (Iceland) 18 July 2019  
  Leave Seydisfjordur (Iceland) 01 August 2019  
  Hirtshals (Denmark) 03 July 2019  

Tour 2C [Container] (2019)

Summer Expedition

FULL Container vehicle to Iceland 16 July 2019  
  Fly to Iceland 26 July 2019  
  Return to UK 09 August 2019  
  Vehicle arrived in UK TBC  

Tour 3F [Ferry] (2019)

Iceland PLUS #1

FULL Hirtshals (Denmark) 29 July 2019 (Catch ferry 30 July 2019)  
  Arrive Seydisfjordur (Iceland) 01 August 2019  
  Leave Seydisfjordur (Iceland) 15 August 2019  
  Hirtshals (Denmark) 17 August 2019  

Tour 4C [Container] (2019)

Iceland PLUS #2

Very limited availability Container vehicle to Iceland 06 August 2019  
  Fly to Iceland 16 August 2019  
  Return to UK 30 August 2019  
  Vehicle arrived in UK TBC  


We are currently taking bookings for 2019 and 2020 - whilst there are places on the majority of the expeditions some are already fully booked.




Summer Classic Route


Please note that the below itinerary, which relates to the Ferry Expeditions, has been included as a rough guide and will most probably differ from the actual route. Container expedition join half way through the ferry exped.


Day 1 - Thursday

Arrive Seydisfjordur (morning) to Kverkjoll

After leaving the ferry and clearing customs we head away from the delightful town of Seydisfjordur, heading onto Egilsstadir where we stop for provisions and fuel. After a short drive on tarmac we head into the Iceland's interior traveling deep into the interior to our destination for the night: Kvertjokull. After setting up camp we drive a short distance deeper into the interior to visit the ice caves and glacial tongue of Kverkjoll. The campsite can be very windy!



Day 2 - Friday

Kvertjokull to Myvatn via Dreki

On leaving the campsite we continue to travel through the interior to Dreki and Askja, a complex of nested calderas within the surrounding Dyngjufjöll mountains, which rise to 1,510 m (4,954 ft) and the Oskjuvatn lake within the crater. The route takes us through some stunning scenery including mountain ranges, lava and bolder fields, lava deserts and some river crossings. From Dreki we travel north on the F88 via Herdubried (a dormant volcano) to Reyjahio on the side of Myvatn, our destination for the night. On the way we visit the geothermal area of Leirhnjukur then onto Viti (colourful explosive crater close to Mount Krafla). During the evening there is the opportunity to visit the local naturally heated outdoor baths; a relaxing way to finish the day.



Day 3 - Saturday

Myvatn to Husavik

After visiting the geothermal area of Namafjall we head to the famous waterfall of Detifoss and its nearby neighbours Selfoss and Hafragilsfoss. We then take the coast road via the Tjorner peninsular to the fishing town of Husavik, our destination for the evening. During the evening there is the opportunity to visit the town with its many cafes, restaurants and shops.



Day 4 - Sunday

Husavik to Akureyri

In the morning there is a opportunity (optional) to go Whale Watching in Husavik, after which we drive to Iceland second largest city Akureyri (18000 population), visiting Godafoss along the way. After settling in at the campsite the evening is set aside exploring and/or relaxing in Akureyri where there are a number of local attractions including the Akureyrarkirkja church, museums, harbour and numerous cafes and restaurants.



Day 5 - Monday

Akureyri to Laugafell

After a relaxing morning, which is set aside for visiting Akureyri, we once again head deep into the interior, with some superb driving through a valley and mountain plateau, to the campsite at Laugafell with its stunning views of Hofsjokull and a geothermally heated hot tub (large pond).



Day 6 - Tuesday

Laugafell to Kerlingarfjoll

Traveling anticlockwise around Hofsjokull we head deeper into the interior to our destination of Kerlingarfjoll, a goethermal area set high in the mountains. The route continues north over the mountain plateau before descending into a spectacular gorge. Turning west we visit the geothermal area at Hveravellir with its fumerols and hot pot pool before traveling to our destination for the night. In the evening there is an opportunity to drive further up the mountain to view one of the Hofsjokull's glacial tongue and see the stunningly colourful Kerlingarfjoll mountain range.



Day 7 - Wednesday

Kerlingarfjoll to Geysir

After leaving the campsite we join the F35 on route to Gullfoss and Geysir, two of Iceland's best know tourist attractions, mid afternoon. At Gullfoss water tumbles 32 metres into a 2.5Km ravine and where on sunny days multiple rainbows can be seen. At Geysir we can walk amongst the geysir's, one of which bursts 20 metres into the air every 5 minutes, and bubbling mud pool. After setting up camp at Geysir we travel the short distance to Pingvellir where the American and European tectonic plates meet on the mid Atlantic Ridge (Only one of two places on earth where this can be seen above ground).



Day 8 - Thursday

Geysir to Hvergerdi

A day of mainly tarmac. Traveling to Hvergerdi we set up camp before visiting the local bakery and Earthquake exhibition where you can experience a 6.4 (richter scale) earthquake. Then heading south we visit the coast on the Reykjanes peninsular with its cliffs before returning via the highly active geothermal area at Krisuvik and a off tarmac route through the mountains. It the afternoon there is the opportunity to walk to and bathe in a geothermally heated river in the mountains above Hvergerdi. In the evening there is a optional visit to a local steak house / pizzeria for a get together.



Day 9 - Friday

Hvergerdi to Landmannalaugar

After a short drive on tarmac we once again heading back into the highlands to our destination of Landmannalaugar. The route, through stunning mountainous countryside and lava deserts is regularly interrupted by a sprinkling of water crossings. As we negotiate the route we pass close to the volcano Hekla, an active shield volcano and visit the incredible volcanic caldera of Ljotipullor with its vivid red, green, black sides and intense blue water.



Day 10 - Saturday

Landmannalaugar to Porsmork

Leaving Landmannalaugar we visit the canyon at Elgar with its stunning waterfall and line of fishures before heading cross country on a mountain track that skirts the Myradalsjokull glaciers. The route takes us not only through mountains but also across a spectacular lava deserts and over lava rock before descending in to Porsmork and our final destination for the night, Seljandafoss. In the evening there is the opportunity to walk to the nearby waterfalls and weather permitting see the Vestmannaejar islands and Surtsey, born on 14 November 1963 by volcanic activity.



Day 11 - Sunday

Porsmork to Vik

Turning right out of the campsite we enter Porsmork - 'Thunder God's Forest'. Sealed by three glaciers (one of them being the Eyjafjallajokull, which last erupted in 2010), the Krossa river and a string of mountains. Negotiating a very rough track we pick our way into and then out of Porsmork fording between 60 and 70 river crossings; with stunning views, vivid colours and a close up view of Gigjokull.

In the afternoon we skirt along the south of the island visiting the Eyjafjallajokull visitors center, Skogafoss and walk up to the Solheimajokull glacier before heading to Vik, our destination for the evening where we have a chance to explore the rugged coastline with its jet black beaches and colonies of Puffins.



Day 12 - Monday

Vik to Skaftafell

Leaving Vik we head east towards Skaftafell.  On route we take the 4WD only track with its river crossings, lava field and much more to the volcano situated deep int he interior. From there we travel towards the Skaftafell, where a number of glacial tongues leading down from the Vatnajokull (The largest glacier in the world outside the polar regions) as well as the amazing black basalt waterfall of Svatifoss.  In the evening there is the opportunity to walk the short distance to one of the glacial tongues. A truly amazing place to camp!



Day 13 - Tuesday

Skaftafell to Hofn

Leaving Skaftafell we head towards the incredible ice lake at Jokulsarlon (where parts of both the James Bond and Lara Croft films were filmed).  The lake is formed from the glacier Breidamerjurjokull, which buries its snout into the north end of the lake depositing enormous icebergs into the lake which flow out into the sea. There is the opportunity not only to walk in the iceberg field on the sea shore but also take a boat trip onto the ice lake.  Leaving Jokulsarlon we head to the picturesque fishing village of Hofn with its views of four glacial tongues reaching downward from the Vatnajokull.



Day 14 - Wednesday

Hofn to Seydisfjordur

We finish the adventure traveling through the stunning eastern fjords, with their small picturesque rocky coves and wildlife. Before the journeys end we take one last trip into the mountains before arriving at the port to catch the ferry.


Day 15 Catch ferry home    

Itinerary - Iceland PLUS






Day 1 Friday

? We head deep into the interior for 14 days of adventure, only surfacing to re-fuel and re-provision.

There is no set route for the two weeks, we will see which way the wind blows and just follow our noses. With this type of expedition almost anything and anywhere is possible.

During the two weeks we will still visit many of the well known sites as well as numerous others but our main focus will be exploring the more remote parts of this stunning island. Plus on the Iceland PLUS #2 there is a high chance of seeing the Northern Lights.


Day 14 Thursday Drop off vehicles and prepare to fly home the next day  


Iceland 2016

Northern Lights during our Iceland PLUS expedition (Iceland PLUS)


Sunset (Iceland PLUS)


Please note: Itinerary may be subject to change without prior notice. If you require any more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Clients who choose to container their vehicles will join the tour half way through but will still experience all the tours venues and sights.



Gigjokull, Porsmork

Gigjokull, Porsmork (Summer 2012)



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