Icelandic Expedition #1


Iceland Expeditions (Summer 2018 and beyond)

Visit the enchanting island of Iceland with its unspoilt country side and stunnings views on one of our guided 14 day self drive expedition. [More...] [Availability] [Feedback][Iceland Brochure (pdf)]


Other expeditions and/or experiences. [More...]

Icelandic Fly-drive #2



Icelandic Fly-Drive and/or Bespoke

Either join one of our estabilshed fly/drive expedition or design your own. Using either your own 4x4 or a hired one you will be guided by our experienced tour leaders throughout your expedition. Staying in either Farmhouses, Guesthouses, B&B, Hotels or camping you will experience Iceland at its very best; contact us for more information. [Fly-Drive more] [Bespoke more] [Availability] [Feedback][Iceland Brochure (pdf)]
Not Europe: Elsewhere

Exciting NEW location (2019 and beyond)

Venture 4x4 is currently investigating the feasibility of this new exciting location somewhere away from Europe. More information will be uploaded later this year (2018), but for now keep checking or [contact us] [More] [Feedback]
UK: Winching


Whether it is winch training, winch qualifications or for the experience we are able to offer just what you needs, please contact us to discuss your needs [More...] [Feedback]
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